There are several items that are covered below that may help you with issues you may encounter with the Recon Sentinel. If none of the issues below pertain to you, please feel free to create a ticket in the mobile/web apps, visit https://support.reconsentinel.com to create a support ticket, and a member of our support team will assist you with your issue. There is also an expanded FAQ section on our support site.  Below are some answers to frequently asked questions:

When I enter my device id, it says "invalid"

Device ID's are randomly generated as part of the initialization and encryption process when a Recon Sentinel is initialized for the first time. We realize that the screen can make certain numbers and letters look similar (1 and l, 0 and O, etc). We have created a graphic to assist with this, so you can see how any characters on the screen equate to the proper alphanumeric characters. We apologize for this, but the device id process is integral to the Recon Sentinels security.  Please see the graphic below:

What is the renewal price for the Recon Sentinel?

The Recon Sentinel comes with 1-year of service when the device is purchased through our retail partners. The renewal cost after the first year is $99.99 USD each year after the first year.

How can I update my Recon Sentinel?

System and Firmware updates are done automatically, no user intervention is required. In addition, new features are also included with the subscription, and we have some real killer features in development. Current Recon Sentinel subscribers will get these new features as soon as they are released!

Do I still need my antivirus program and firewall if I have a Recon Sentinel?

Yes, and for good reason. Cybersecurity is best done in layers, like an onion. The more layers of defense you have, the harder it is for an attacker to make you a target. The Recon Sentinel adds missing pieces to antivirus and firewall products, giving you another "layer in the onion". 

The Recon Sentinel takes a long time to scan my network.

The initial scans done by the Recon Sentinel are very intense, and as such it takes time to complete them. No single device should take longer than 15 minutes to scan, and even that is rare. If the Recon Sentinel happens to, on the rare occasion, get stuck, just power cycle the device and it will restart the scanning process. We are in the process of updating our detection engine, which will speed up this process.

Can I set a static IP for my Recon Sentinel?

Currently, the Recon Sentinel must be used on a network that supports DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol). The Recon Sentinel runs no services on the device, and all interaction with the device must happen through the mobile applications or web applications. This is part of the security model for the Recon Sentinel, as all services running on the device are used for deception purposes.

Do I have to plug the Recon Sentinel into the back of my router?

No. The Recon Sentinel just has to be plugged into an active ethernet port anywhere on the network. The router is a logical place as most of them provide for wired ethernet connections.

Do I have to allow any special traffic for the Recon Sentinel to work?

No. The Recon Sentinel uses standard HTTPS traffic to communicate to our cloud management servers.